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IEEE NANO 2011 Exhibits Chair

Client: IEEE Oregon

IEEE NANO is IEEE's premier nanotechnology conference. With the 2011 conference located in Portland, Oregon, the Nanotechnology Council of IEEE needed effective on-the-ground representation for the entire year preceding the 5-day meeting.

Christopher L. Dennis volunteered to be the Exhibits Chair.


  • IEEE NANO 2011 had the greatest number of paying exhibitors of any US-based IEEE NANO conference for which records were available.

Activities included:

  • Coordinating efforts to identify potential exhibitors and sponsors.
  • Developing communication, performing outreach.
  • Identifying, contracting, and managing a commission-based sales staff.
  • Overseeing exhibit area operations during the conference.
  • Developed a conference satisfaction survey.
Resonant-Tunneling Transmission Lines

Client: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Extending research already performed at MIT, Steaming Kettle's first assignment was to render to practice a new kind of resonant waveguide structure.

Patent #5825240: Resonant-Tunneling Transmission Lines (1997)

Plagiarism Adjudication

Client: IEEE Oregon

After authors identified a possible case of plagiarism in the proceedings of PICMET 2009, Steaming Kettle participated the Author Misconduct Committee.

Activities included:

  • Reviewing all related documents, most importantly, the two papers in question.
  • Completing an analysis of the paper content: the two 4500-word papers differed by less than 3%.
  • Formulating recommendations on how to handle the situation.